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When it comes to primary care doctors near Phoenix AZ there are numerous options available. You can choose from being seen by a group of specialists, one specialist, one family practitioner, or you can go to one doctor and be treated by one of several surgeons or specialists. The type of primary care doctors near you depend on where you live and how accessible that doctor is for you. While there are some doctors in the greater Phoenix area that you would be advised to see, you have options that extend beyond that area.

One of the primary care doctors near Phoenix AZ that you might consider is a cardiac specialist. Cardiac specialists are fully trained to treat and diagnose heart conditions. Some of the conditions they specialize in are: Coronary Artery Disease, High Cholesterol Disorder, Hypertension, and Diabetes. If you have an existing medical condition, your medical bills could be greatly reduced with the help of a cardiac specialist. Depending on the area of the country, there may even be lower costs associated with having primary care physicians near you.

Another type of primary care doctors near Phoenix AZ are optometrists. Optometrists treat eye disorders such as vision problems, eye diseases, and problems with the eye itself such as glaucoma. Optometrists can prescribe corrective lenses, glasses, contacts, and surgery to address eye disorders. Some of the types of conditions that optometrists treat in their offices include: refractive errors, cataract, myopia (nearsightedness), presbyopia (farsightedness), presbyuloplasty (eye surgery), and ophthalmologists can prescribe contact lenses and glasses for people that need those special kinds of eyeglasses.

A primary care physician near you can also offer diagnosis and treatment for some mental conditions such as anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, and minor depression. These professionals can provide medications and therapy to help those who have difficulties with these mental disorders. A primary care physician can even refer you to a psychiatrist if you have one.

Many people are surprised to learn that a family practitioner can also provide primary health care. Family practices can offer a wide range of services for patients such as immunizations, physical exams, and screenings for diseases like diabetes and cancer. A primary care physician can recommend and treat them based on what the doctor thinks is best for the patient. Many people who live in rural areas might not have access to a family practitioner. There are community resource centers in Arizona that can help you find a family practice close to you or one that can provide quality primary care.

As you can see, there are many different types of health professionals that can help provide primary health care to patients in the Phoenix area. If you are interested in working with an Arizona primary care physician, you can find a local one by looking in the yellow pages or looking online. The Internet will provide you with information about all the primary care physicians in the area as well as their contact information. Once you choose one, you can schedule an initial visit to get to know the physician and feel comfortable with him or her. You can also read up on the specialists that are available and find out which one is right for you.

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